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Our Patented STEP Technology

STEP is Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process. The core of our technology is the Electrophotographic (EP) imaging and deposition. This uses the proven high volume 2D printing process. A 2D slice of a part with part material, support, and maybe multiple materials all in one image layer, then with heat, pressure, and cooling fuse it all onto the build. This creates a fully dense part with isotropic properties in all directions. (Image on right: ABS layer on the transfer belt with part and support material).


We have developed a patented additive manufacturing technology strategy that frees you from your existing manufacturing constraints of making low volume production affordable – and we have the ability to allow you to reduce forecast estimates from 1 year to 90 days! From producing NEW products to part consolidation …. Evolve is transforming how the world manufactures.

Unlike other additive technologies that have been brought to the market in past 10 years, most if not all have been derivatives of an existing technology. STEP (Selective Thermoplastic Electrophotographic Process) is completely new and has been designed and developed specifically for production manufacturing.

STEP’s architecture utilizes the same three process phases that are the critical elements that enable STEP to deliver on the throughput and quality similar to injection molding.

One of the many benefits of the SVP (Scalable Volume Production) platform is our closed-loop process with sensor technology; each layer of the build is precisely aligned on top of the next incoming layer and the correct amount of material is deposited. If an error is detected a correction is made. This means a higher part quality with both repeatability and scalability.

For more details on how the technology works, read our White Paper in our Resource Library.

Our process to convert pellets to power is unique. Once the process is complete, we have created very small particles which allows greater detail and accuracy.  Our particles are in the range of 20 to 25 microns.

The process to convert pellets to STEP compatible powder is sustainable with near zero waste or scrap.  Undersized and oversized particles created during the process are fed back to the melt state along with virgin material such that in the end 100% of what goes into the process is used without waste.  This is an important part of our vision for sustainability. The process to recover and re-use support material will be part of the offering as material volume scales. This is not only good for the environment; it is also part of the path to the lowest possible material cost and a reduced carbon footprint.

It is imperative that manufactures maintain their uptime, mitigate production risk, and supply chain disruptions. With a manufacturing network comprised of connected factories the ability to repeatably manufacture the exact same part anywhere in the world, wherever you have an Evolve SVP platform system located is possible.

So whether you’re a skeptic or a believer in the digitization of manufacturing or Industry 4.0, the reality is your world is changing. Competitors are moving faster, supply chain models are transforming, and consumers are rewarding brands that give them fast, affordable access to mass customized offerings. The Evolve SVP™ (Scalable Volume Production) platform is purpose-built for this new digitized world — and it’s ready to accelerate your digital transformation.

The SVP platform was designed for the connected factory environment and the onset of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)One of the greatest advantages of the technology is when multiple machines are deployed because your production ability is increased, and supply chain risks are minimal.    

Our partnerships with software suppliers allows us to optimize build preparation, including part slicing and nesting, as well as global production planning, scheduling, and execution. Through our global partnerships, companies pursuing industrialized additive manufacturing will have access to a joint software/hardware solution that delivers greater speed, flexibility, and repeatability for high-volume AM. 

And the Evolve SVP platform is built with AI and machine learning. NO other additive technology can alter their process on a layer-by-layer basis. This accelerates problem solving and produces a superior end product.  


The Evolve SVP platform is the first true plastics manufacturing technology to achieve mass customization, just-in-time production and dependable quality. Here are five key differentiators that allow us to deliver on that promise:


Delivering high standards for cycle times, yields and repeatability, the Evolve platform meets the needs for low to mid-volume production runs. The Evolve platform is the fastest additive manufacturing technology available at production scale. Traditionally, technology limitations meant additive manufacturing could not deliver high-quality, cost-effective parts without compromising throughput.


As manufacturing best practices inevitably change, the Evolve platform has the ability to integrate new materials. It’s capable of a range of real engineering thermoplastics, including amorphous and semi-crystalline, to produce color and multi-material parts that meet your precise production requirements.


No matter the length of the production run, the Evolve platform delivers a seamless solution architecture with platform extensibility and part customization capabilities to get you up and running quickly. Achieve accelerated scalability on your factory floor with the platform’s Industry 4.0 capabilities.


Each part is produced through our full fusion layer-to-layer method that maximizes high-quality surface finish, fine details and functionality. The platform is uniquely designed for repeatability without compromising throughput or flexibility.


The Evolve platform has a low total cost of production. Its unique nesting system and machine speed deliver more parts at a rapid rate. This allows us to deliver a cost-competitive alternative to injection molding.