Consultation & Application

Design, Manufacture
& Innovate

Our dedicated team of design engineers will consult with you and your team to determine the needs and goals of your organization.
We are able to assist your team with the following:

Pre-sale | Post-sale  | Application changes over the lifecycle of the project | Process control | Materials Science

In addition, Evolve is able to:

Help reduce costs, which is a main concern and objective for any product manager

Work with you to understand where the highest costs are within your manufacturing process so you can eliminate them

Evolve STEP technology allows you to bring innovation to life.

Throughout your engagement with Evolve, you will gain a thorough understanding of the STEP technology process. You will also have the ability to recognize all of its benefits and reduce your overall manufacturing expenses.

Evolve’s STEP technology is a breakthrough for the additive manufacturing market and enables organizations to bring their innovations to life. From complex geometries, part consolidation and multi-material parts/components that can be produced in a single pass, to designing complexly new products that can be manufactured in new ways to maximize functionality.

Consulting Services:

Evolve Creator™ Recipes
Evolve Creator™ Scripting
Advanced Software Training
Advanced Evolve Factory™ Integration
Customer Part Development Program
Customer Development Agreements

Application Services:

Designing for STEP
Customer Applications for Manufacturing
Material Choice and Development
Process Development