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Additive Manufacturing is one of the most exciting technologies being embraced by the largest manufacturers in the world.  It's often referred to as the 4th Industrial Revolution.  Evolve Additive Solutions is at the forefront of this revolution by developing new solutions that catapult Additive Manufacturing into true production manufacturing using real-world plastics.  


We have opportunities for imaging scientists/engineers and materials scientists/engineersmechanical engineers, software engineers, applications experts and electrical engineers to help propel our technology forward.  If you want to learn more about our culture and solutions, simply fill out the online form and attach your resume.  Someone will get back to you either by e-mail or phone and fill you in on all of the exciting developments at Evolve Additive Solutions! 

Application Engineering Expert

We’re looking for a “rock star” applications engineer who can bring not only the expertise, but also passion for developing new applications and helping customers chart new ground with Evolve's manufacturing technology


Evolve Additive Solutions is developing a brand new and unique technology that can make the promise of Additive Manufacturing with real world engineering plastics a reality.  The new solution delivers the speed, quality, materials and costs of injection molding, offering a truly viable alternative to traditional manufacturing.

The ideal candidate will have expertise with injection mold manufacturing preferably in the automotive sector or a similar industrial market.  Some experience with additive manufacturing preferred but not required – having a background in traditional/injection molding manufacturing is more important.

Job Description:

  • Serve as Applications Engineer for Evolve Additive Solutions, supporting customer requirements with respect to additively manufactured production components
  • Provide support and assist customers through applications from concept through completion with a focus on applications that will be used for production with Evolve Additive systems
  • Provide insight into build optimization for customer parts including component re-design for use in additive manufacturing, part support strategy & optimization, manufacturing integration strategies, etc.
  • Learn, understand and in-turn educate the team on customer requirements with respect to Digital Front End (DFE), part quality, post-processing, automation, manufacturing integration, i.e. “full-customer solutions”
  • Help source and fabricate in-house benchmarks of geometries which can serve as technology demonstrations across various industries


  •    Performs hardware and/or software design consultation in accordance with customer/project needs.
    • BS Mechanical Engineering degree or equivalent
    • 3-5+ years of experience in mechanical engineering or manufacturing engineering
    • Experience with injection molding applications in an industrial manufacturing environment, preferably in automotive or electrical/ appliance applications
    • Excellent customer-facing/interpersonal skills as well as listening, verbal and written communications skills
    • Strong organizational skills    
    • Ability to be agile with a dynamic, growing company with a start-up atmosphere
    • Experience with various CAD programs as well as understanding of PLM and other manufacturing software environments (MRP, ERP, etc.)
    • Experience with all stages of engineering development including, determining requirements, failure modes analysis, writing specifications, design, documentation, verification, production
    • Advanced troubleshooting and multi-tasking skills

Desirable Skills: 

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