Profitably produce mid-range volumes, anywhere in the world where you have an Evolve SVP platform system 

imagine producing new products that are not limited to the rules of injection molding or the limited materials and volumes of other additive. Stay ahead of your competition with quicker time to market, increasing your market share and accelerate business growth and revenue streams. The SVP platform allows for the production of parts in days vs months.

Production at Scale

Evolve’s SVP platform was designed for production and easily competes with injection molding. It is the only system with the ability to produce parts with the speed, consistent quality, and material properties required by todays manufacturers. Evolve offers high-resolution, fine feature details all while maintaining the mechanical requirements.

Are you ready to launch a new product? Or improve on an existing one? Evolve works with an array of industries to unlock the benefits of additive manufacturing for production.


  • Serialization
  • Light-weighting for higher performance and efficiencies
  • Custom badging and decorative trim
  • Limited editions
  • 100% density allows for plating
  • Part consolidation
  • Multi-material capability; rigid and flexible material combinations
  • Over-molding
  • Aftermarket parts and components
  • Complex geometries allow for new features, product lines and revenue streams


  • Light weighting for higher performance and efficiencies
  • Part consolidation

Consumer Goods

  • Complex geometries allow for new features, product lines and revenue streams
  • Freedom to design and additively manufacture in volume
  • Decorative features
  • Over-molding


  • Embedded modules and housings
  • Over-molding
  • Multi-material

Medical Device

  • Complex geometries allow for new features, product lines and revenue streams
  • Reduce assembly time


  • Materials development
  • New product capabilities with mixed materials and designed structural elements and properties.
  • New engineering and design capabilities
  • Public/Private partnerships for product research and development


  • Cost savings with lower inventories to maintain, molds to store and logistics
  • Create JIT parts

Contract Manufacturing 

  • Ability to manufacture parts across numerous industries
  • New, addressable customer base-open jobs that previously were “no-bids” due to low volume/high traditional tooling costs
  • Spare parts
  • Inventory reduction
  • Cost reduction
  • Time to market

Why Evolve for your applications?

  • Manufacturing Flexibility
    • Produce repeatable mid-range volumes globally
  • Unique Functional Products
    • Print complex parts and introduce new products to the market creating new revenue streams
  • Speed to Market
    • Just-in-Time capability in producing high-quality parts without costly logistics

Our Key Value

  • Mass customization and serialization
  • Color capabilities
  • Speed without compromising throughput
  • Real engineering thermoplastic materials
  • Scalability on your factory floor
  • Quality surface finish and fine details
  • Low total Cost of production