Addressing large existing markets, new applications and untapped production demand

Evolve Additive Solution brings to market the first industrial Additive Manufacturing plug-and-play solution that is commercially viable to meet demand across a wide range of existing production parts across many industries.  From toy manufacturers to footwear companies, industrial organizations to aerospace and medical suppliers, Evolve's STEP technology is the only technology that can address the needs for production parts  - with the broadest capability of producing real thermoplastics parts.

Evolve -
A truly unique value proposition for manufacturers

What's more, Evolve provides a solution that develops new markets that AM and conventional technologies cannot address, opening a world of possibilities for organizations who simply scrapped a project or design due to production constraints.

Existing markets,

where Evolve offers a competitive alternative to conventional manufacturing processes for existing production part demand

New markets,

whose needs are currently unmet or undeveloped by both Additive Manufacturing and conventional processes

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