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Enabling key manufacturing capabilities with Evolve software

There are three key software functions:  

  • Evolve Control
  • Evolve Factory
  • Evolve Creator   

The Evolve Control Software runs on the SVP industrial PC and includes the HMI (human machine interface), operator controls, motion controls, firmware, process temperature control, system sensors and electrophotography controls.  

The Evolve Factory is a SaaS offering and the larger set of connections and integration into the manufacturing working environment providing interfaces with MES, ERP, PLM, ERP, and other common factory automation software.  

Evolve Creator is our proprietary software that allows the operator or the developer of the part build to print or prepare parts for delivery to the  SVPTM (Scalable Volume Production) platform machine.  

Evolve Creator is available in three options: 

  • The Basic Bundle 
    • Build Processor 
    • Content Viewer 
  • The Integrated Bundle 
    • Includes all items in the basic bundle PLUS: 
    • Time Machine 
    • Post Processes 
    • Quality Control 
    • Material Database 
  • The Research Bundle  
    • Includes all items in the basic and integrated bundle PLUS: 
    • Scripting 
    • New Recipe 


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