SVP Platform

Until today, this has never been possible.

Evolve’s AM production machines are already recognized in the industry for their ability to drive a high-volume end-to-end AM production process, going beyond 3D printing to multi-material and multi-color AM, automated part serialization and post processing. 

With throughput that is 10 times faster than any industrial 3D printer, it’s clear that the Evolve SVP platform is built for speed and scale.   

With Evolve SVP systems, complete with automated post-processing, you now can quickly and efficiently produce mid-range volumes making it possible to:  

  • Produce unique designs in limited quantities   
  • Implement serial production to enable mass customization  
  • Quickly make design modifications without the time/expense of costly injection mold retooling  
  • Strengthen your brand by increasing customer satisfaction and getting to market faster, with optimized designs  

Because Evolve STEP Technology relies on digital rather than physical molds, you can produce the exact same part to the exact same specs, wherever you have an Evolve SVP system. Now, you can simultaneously produce the same part anywhere in the world without needing to ship or create multiple sets of molds.


How Does the STEP Process Work? (Video)