At Evolve Manufacturing Solutions we understand what additive manufacturing can do. And what it can’t. We also understand the power of traditional manufacturing as it stands today. That’s why we’re building upon the best of both – the flexibility of additive manufacturing with the quality, volume and scale of traditional manufacturing. Here at Evolve, we are committed to enabling customers to manufacture in revolutionary new ways.

A History of Success and Execution

  • 2021 — Industry 4.0 Integration
  • 2020 — Commercial Systems Sales
  • 2020 — Beta System Sales
  • 2019 — Commercial Application Development
  • 2019 — Alpha System Sales
  • 2018 — First Round Funding ($19m)
  • 2017 — Technology Feasibility
  • 2009 — Shadow

Evolve Additive Solution is an organization whose mission is to produce innovative manufacturing solutions that enable customers to manufacture in revolutionary new ways. 

At Evolve, we are forging a new path. We saw a need, had a vision of how to fill that need and are making that vision a reality. Our technology enables customer to do what they have been dreaming of: efficiently produce small to medium runs of finished production grade parts, secure supply chains and produce unique shapes/parts that can’t be manufactured with traditional methods today. And that is just the beginning.

We are helping companies bring their innovations to life. From complex geometries, part consolidation and multi-material parts/components that can be produced in a single pass, to designing completely new products that can be manufactured in new ways to maximize functionality.

Design, manufacture and innovate in ways you never thought possible.