Q – How does STEP technology work?

A – To better understand how STEP technology works view our short video.

Q – What makes STEP so unique?

A – For the first time in 20 years a brand new and unique AM platform has been introduced. This patented technology uses standard production grade thermoplastics and is able to meet all five of the requirements that manufacturers demand for production. Those include: Cost, Time, Materials, Scalability and Quality and furthermore the STEP process does this all without compromise. STEP also has the ability to produce parts in high volume as well as customization within the same build.

Q – What are the color capabilities of the SVP platform?

A – Today we are focused on black as the SVP goes to market. Other dark colors that include some carbon are possible as shown by the blue parts that we have printed. We are also developing color capabilities with partners within development agreements and can work with you to get the material properties that you need.